Hated young Lady Accepts her Fate

Repeated days 1


(Surprisingly, it will be accepted smoothly…)

Looking at my calm self on the mirror, I want to laugh. Because of my habit to disturb so much in the fourth and fifth time, my heart surprised when I started to accept fate. No, it may have already exhausted.

⌈Ojō-sama, preparation for breakfast is ready.⌋

Vaguely, when I was thinking about such a thing, I heard a maid ‘s voice from the other side of the door.

⌈Ok, i’m going now.⌋

What was I like the first time…. It seems something from quite long ago. Since my way of thinking and personality have greatly changed during this loop, I am a bit worried whether I can produce a bad lady. ¹

⌈Good morning father, mother, Onii-sama.⌋


⌈Yes, good morning Amelia-san⌋

I get ready and head to the dining room quickly. Greeting my family and sit on the seat, my father and mother give back my greeting. But my older brother doesn’t even give me a glance, and continues to eat. My older brother hates me, so it’s natural.

My older brother Leonhard has bright blonde hair and cool eyes, he doesn’t look like me at all. My older brother goes to the same high school on a higher grade than me. He is a smart and well-keen person, he is also a member of the student council. To be honest, for my brother I will be an aneurysm on his eyes. I am selfish, and the selfish me have bothered many troubles to my older brother until now. And more will come from now on. It will causes inconveniences that can’t be compared with anything before….


⌈Onii-sama, good morning.⌋



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