Series Announcement

I’m so sorry for being so inactive. School is busier than I thought it would be with all of those graduation exams. I’ll definitely make up for it somehow after my very last exam 2 weeks from now!

Kon’yaku Haki

I have asked to the author about giving me a permission to translate this, but no answer. But author wrote that she won’t be back anytime soon because of her school. So I can’t guarantee that the series won’t be dropped by the author herself.. (·︿· `)


Hated Young Lady

This one is a pretty important announcement.

I also have sent a message about the translation permission, but sadly, the author says NO. She didn’t message me directly to say that, but instead wrote on her profile that she won’t give permission to translate her work.. which is pretty sad since she gave such a beautiful illustrations with her work.. 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。

So I WILL DROP THIS PROJECT except if the author changes her mind. But I hope you’ll still support her by reading her novel from the original source! or maybe even help me to convince her.. lol XD


That’s all for now. I hope I can come with good news next time! In the meantime, I’ll search for a new project and ask the author permission first! Please, look forward to it!

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