Teaser List! (Choose to Pick Up)

Teaser List!

Releasing without schedule for teasers purpose. Free to pick up (Taking over the project). Just comment down if you want to pick it up.

1. Duchess of The Attic (屋根裏部屋の公爵夫人)

(No longer Open for voting) [see note below]


Tag: R15, Historical, Strong Female Lead, Duke, (Main Story Complete)

Author: Mori | Original Link Syosetu | Buy Me!

Synopsis: The Duke’s Daughter Opal, who just made her social debut,  had her reputation ruined completely due to a certain riot. Even so, Opal was unbridled with the nasty rumors and continued to reject the dowry of various suitors. At the age of 20, she will inherit the heritage from her maternal grandmother, and intend to live quietly in the countryside. However, one day that was supposed to be Opal’s last season, She is ordered by his father to marry Duke Hubert, who is in debt. Also, Hubert was annoyed that he had to sell himself to a “lone slut” for money, and became cold towards Opal. Moreover, in the room of the mistress of the residence, there are even “angels” cherished by those in the residence.


2. Dragon Continent Series: The Villainous Daughter does not Dance with the Dragon (悪役令嬢は、ドラゴンとは踊らない)


Tag: R15, Cruel Depiction, Reincarnated to a different world, Different Race Marriage, Status Differences, Otome Game, Villainous Girl

Author: Yashiro Kei |Original Link Syosetu | Buy Me!

Synopsis: I died. When I wake up, I’m in a wold of Otome Game [Rose Garden]…? No way! What’s more, i was being reborn as the girl with the reputation of [Unlucky • Unrequitted • Pathetic], that is the old royal family’s princess a.k.a. the Heroine’s rival, Remilia-sama isn’t it?! However, I prefer the main couple! I would like to watch the love of the Princess and Ryuko¹ if possible! Political dispute of the new and old royal family? I want to live peacefully and safely regardless of it! And that is, to sometimes leasurely take a walk in the sky with a dragon. A fantasy of magic and dragon that can be folded as [Let’s Quit being a Villain • Let’s Give up the First Love • Get Straight to Home]. # Serious development available. A character will die.


Prologue 1-3


3. Even Though I Left Just Like the Scenario, What is it Now? (シナリオ通りに退場したのに、いまさらなんの御用ですか?) (No longer Open for voting) [see note below]


Tag: Reincarnation, Otome Game, Villainess, Broken Engagement, Family Love, Female Protagonist, Siscon, Character Growth, Unlucky Protagonist, Humanity(???), Fuzzy*.

Author: Mayumi Rino | Original Link Syosetu |Buy Me!

Synopsis: In rensponse to the annulment of her engagement from the Prince, Christiane got off the stage of the Otome Game. In a certain town inn and restaurant, where the commoner girl Chris works, The royal prince and his entourage came for some reason…


Chapter 1  || Picked Up by EuniTL

4. My Sister Told Me to Give Up My Fianceè. (妹に婚約者を譲れと言われました) (No longer Open for voting) [see note below]

dragon sister Tag: R15, Cruel Depiction, Different Race Marriage, Historical, Western, Dragon, Duke’s Daughter, Zamaa*, Broken Engagement, Doting, Villainess.

Author: Kashiwaten | Original Link Syosetu Buy Me!

My sister took away my position as the Crown Prince’s fianceé, in despair, i decided to become a sacrifice for the dragon. But somehow i was rescued by the dragon, and now live together.


Chapter 1  ¦ Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4
Chapter 5



5. The Glass Shoes were Carried Away by the Mouse. (小説]ガラスの靴は、ネズミがくわえて持ち去りました)

cinderella Tag: Reincarnated in to a different world, Romance, Cinderella, Mouse, Villain, Wizard’s Disciple, Prince, Modern Knowledge, DIY, Mischief, Love at First Sight, Robbery.

Author: Puni-chan | Original Link Syousetu | Buy Me!

Synopsis: After being reborn as Cinderella, Lila decided to live while taking measures for her animal  good friend (mouse), and her stepmother & sisters. But on the night of the ball, the glass shoe Lila left on the stairs – or something, with a smug face the mouse who always with her robbed it away!


6. I Thought My Engagement was Broken, Now My Next Marriage Partner is the Kingdom’s Number 1 Feared Man (婚約破棄されたと思ったら次の結婚相手が王国一恐ろしい男だった件)

feared Tag: Reincarnated in to a Different World, Sweet, Happy End, Zamaa*, Heartwarming, Sometime Serious.

Author: Uzuki Mitsubi | Original Link Alphapolis + Buy Me!

Synopsis: Katrina is sentenced to the annulment of her engagement by her fianceè, Surfe. I thought it was because my previous life’s memory returned that I was acting strangely, but the truth was different! It’s strange to have this worst feeling. Then further misfortunes attack Katrina. ⌈You’re lying right, Father? No way, it’s that dark knight, isn’t it?⌋ The one chosen as my next fianceé is the kingdom’s number 1 feared man?! Rising from her fall + Impantient Heartwarming Love Drama + A reading with a slightly Zamaa* flavour.


7. I Changed My Class From a Hero to a Queen, but I Think I’m Going to Change My Job to a Demon King Because it is Different From What I Thought. (勇者から王妃にクラスチェンジしましたが、なんか思ってたのと違うので魔王に転職しようと思います。)

DemQueen Tag: Summoned to a Different World, Demon King, Former Hero, Cheat, Magic, Domestic Politics • Economy, Heroism, Strongest Hero.

Author: Kudou | Original Link Syousetu | Buy Me!

Synopsis: One day, a girl suddenly summoned to another world. After confronting the demon king as a 〈Hero〉, afterwards the world became peaceful, and she was greeted as the queen of a certain country. The finale where everybody is happy. It was such an ordinary story…. is what they thought, but reality isn’t that sweet. Marriage without love. Masked couple. On the contrary, they are treated as monsters for their behavior. ⌈Ah, I can’t do this anymore I’m stuck….⌋ And the girl who reopened finally takes action. ⌈—That’s it, let’s become a demon king.⌋ with such motto, the girl decided on the founding country. Will she be happy after all? It is a similar non-construction nation by such a demon kind (self-proclaimed).


This is a list of novels that i took interest in. However, you guys might know better that translating all of these is out of my reach and ability. And so, i put it here and tried translating the synopsis and teasers so in hope it will be noticed by the senpais~

What will happen in the end?

After i finish translating [No Reason to Bully], i will pick whichever novel that has the most vote as my main project, {but it’s still open for picking up if other translator want that project}. Since this was mainly for teasers, the rest of the novels will only get translated up to 3-5 chapters. Then the second most voted novel will become my side project.

Edit: Oh, and i will buy either soft or hard file of the most voted novel to show my support~ and also so that i can share the illustration~ ^^

NONE OF THE CHAPTER WILL BE UPDATED IN NOVELUPDATES SINCE I’M NOT CONFIDENT IN IT, SO BE SURE TO CHECK UP THIS PAGE OFTEN ^^ Changed my mind.. it need more exposure to get noticed after all.. ^^;


We decided to properly pick up {My Sister Told Me to Give Up My Fiance} since we now have a new member wanting to pick it up~ so vote for one other you think best, OK! \(>0<)/


Good news! Someone interested in translating {Even Though I Left Just Like the Scenario, What is it Now?} ~~ Horray ///// She/He is from outside the group, so i’ll update about how it’s going to be or where the site is in further notice. ^^ || Okay, so this Novel is now properly Picked Up~ Yay~ I will direct the link to you all once the chapter is posted by her~ ^^


Someone actually has picked up Duchess of the Attic~ you can chack it HERE ~

65 thoughts on “Teaser List! (Choose to Pick Up)

  1. I really don’t know when voting ends or ended, but please,please,PLEASE,pick up “Even Though I Left Just Like the Scenario, What is it Now?”. It looks so promising and I have waited for months,not knowing it was a teaser

    Liked by 4 people

  2. Is it possible for you to start a light novel translation of “Bara no Maria”. There are hundreds of Fans who are sad to know that there is no one currently translating the light novel or that there has not been any attempt of translation, considering the fact that this series is long completed many years ago. If you do start translation of this novel you will be referred to a savior!


    1. This one would be hard to do since i can’t seems to find the free raw online.
      I’ve checked the sites i usually search at, and while they do have it, the link is dead. I’m currently asking the publisher to reupload it, but do not hope too much since it’s published in 2014 ^^;
      If i can get my hands on it, i’ll try to publish it to give it more exsposure ^^


  3. “Even Though I Left Just Like the Scenario, What is it Now?“
    Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I really want to read it but I don’t know anyone else interested in translatinggggg


  4. I really like the sound of “I Thought My Engagement was Broken, Now My Next Marriage Partner is the Kingdom’s Number 1 Feared Man”. It sound unique!


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