Even Though I Left Just Like the Scenario, What is it Now?

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Finally The Day of the Engagement Annulment


⌈Christiane¹, I can not agree with your idea. Even if the other party is a commoner, it’s not like you can be forgiven for everything, you know?⌋


With a sad look, my fianceé said so.


⌈You seem to have done a terrible thing to Rinalia² for a long time. ….I can’t make you, who’s like that to be the mother of the country. I will get my engagement annulled.⌋


I hang my head while quietly listening to the Crown Prince’s declaration, who was calm, but strongly determined.


⌈……. As you wish.⌋


Cold gaze falls upon the Crown Prince and the people around us. Being surrounded and accused by many men in a closed room, even though I knew it, as expected it’s still scary.

But it’s strange. I think in the original game…… I was hit with more foul language. Is it because I didn’t refute?

A sharp voice shook me, when I’m trying to leave the room while tilting my neck in my mind.


⌈Really…. did you really did something that stupid, Nee-san³? I misjudged you…. (You’re) the shame of the duke’s house.⌋


⌈I don’t remember it myself but… it was something that decided by the Crown Prince.⌋


At my words, my brother made a face as if he was bitten by a nasty bug. In fact, I don’t remember doing “a horrible thing”, but of course, the decision made by this country’s royals are absolute. The decree cannot be taken back.

However, it seems like the prince had taken another meaning. He took a deep sigh and said my punishment.


⌈Until you understand what I said, stay under house arrest ……At last, do you have something you want to say?⌋


Showing your face for a while is also a meaningful huh? Rest assured. After all, I will never see you all again.

……Aaaah, but.


⌈I have just one wish. I will never appear before you again, so I would like to ask you blame the decree on me alone.⌋


⌈Of course, both your father and brother are talented people. I feel relieved that even you, at least still have a feeling of care for your family too.⌋

It seems like he’s saying it cruelly. Even I feel thankful for being raised carefully, you know?

Even if tonight from now on I’m being deprived, even if from now on when I live alone in the town.






I was only seven years old when I restored my previous live memories.

I was a cheerful high school girl who flew around between club activities and part-time job. Both my father and mother goes to work, so when I got home, I’ll study while taking care of my two younger brothers, and I enjoy games as a hobby in my free time, it’s a busy but fun days.

I don’t know why I died. When I realized it, I was in this world… Even what more terrifying is, this world is very similar to the Otome Game I was addicted to at that time.

I cann’t forget the astonishment and hopelessness when I realized that.


TL Note:

  1. クリスティアーヌ (Ku-Ri-Su-Chi/Ti-Ā-Nu) – Christian or Christiane. I chose “Christiane” to make it more girl-ish.
  2. リナリア (Ri-Na-Ri-A)
  3. Nee-san – One of the way someone calls their older sister.
  4. 見損なった (Misokonatta) – Used when you once appreciate someone, but then hear about that person doing bad things, and finally realize your judgement of that merson is wrong. So, help me to find a proper word or idiom or anything for this please >w< (Thank you as aways to Jingle-san~ if you’re reading this, you should be familiar with her already, but if you didn’t, go check out her translations. It’s amazing~ ^^)

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TL Corner:

Eh, this was really short, but it took a lot more time to translate than “My Sister”… Probably because i found a lot of new words and sentences structure… and terms…. so it’s more confusing. ^^;

More correction and advices are always welcome~

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23 thoughts on “Even Though I Left Just Like the Scenario, What is it Now?

  1. 4. I misjudged you.

    And two more things that caught my eye.

    He took a deep sigh and say the disposal to me.
    He took a deep sigh and said my punishment.

    Be careful, until you understand what I said
    Until you understand what I said, stay under house arrest

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  2. Seems interesting~

    About the word you were looking for, I think ‘disappointed’ could work too. ‘I’m disappointed’ or ‘You are such a disappointment’.

    Thanks for the chapter!

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  3. It’s been a month since the last update what’s going on? If you can’t update at least once a week please get someone else to translate this novel.

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    1. I’m sorry i forgot to add the notice. this is part of our teasers project. so it doesn’t have a release schedule and only will get translated if it wone the vote. ^^;
      and this novel is open for anyone to pick up. so please be patient since this project happen so that someone interested to properly translate this. ^^


    1. Ok! I’ve edited all the pages here that related to the novel so they’ll be directed to you next! ^^
      I should be the one thanking you for picking up this wonderful novel. ^^


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