The Villainous Daughter does not Dance with the Dragon

Random Birthday Update from me~ Part 1/3



∗∗∗Game Chapter 4: The Interplay between Mayors∗∗∗


Temple of Roses, that’s how that mansion was called.

The lord of the mansion, the daughter of the Vaza¹ family, Remilia² frowned her beautiful shaped eyebrow.

A golden hair like a melted honey, light blue eyes like a clear sky.

A bent slim chin, and a straight nose. Everyone that has the former royal family’s blood in them will have a beautiful figure, and the reputation for it, and in the center position of that girl’s field of vision is a man she didn’t like… She found him in the rose garden, and turned her face to show her displease.




The man noticed her gaze and called her name.

She wanted to ask why he is here, and complained that she would not like to be called by him that easily, but the girl closed her mouth before any of it formed into words.

It was because the man smiled softly.


⌈It’s a beautiful roses. …I’ve heard rumors about it but..⌋


A beautiful purple and gold color spreading in those different-colored eyes.

It’s almost like an ametrine³, the maids are in clamor about that, under the moonlight those gems faintly shining, and he was alone.


⌈Do you have a hobby of admiring the flowers?⌋


The girl, as usual, laughing, making a fool out of the man.

When the man leaned as if He’s troubled, His beautiful hair fell off and reflected the moonlight.


⌈Yeah, well—— It doesn’t fit me, right?⌋


⌈Yeah, you are right.⌋


⌈But, it’s beautiful right?⌋


Seeing the man, who doesn’t act offended by the rude way of speaking or attitude, watching the garden in fascination, the girl… Remilia bit her lips.

She will not get tired of it.


⌈No matter how beautiful you say, what use does it have? My father was not interested in anything in the outside world, and was devoted to only gardening. And the result is the misery of our family. What a pathetic thing…. ……What did you come here for this late at night, Mr. Arcduke. To laugh at the loser? Or, did you come to impart His Majesty’s command?⌋


The man did not say anything, and stared at Remilia.


⌈I don’t have any reason. I just came to admire the garden. Your father will be facing the Prime Minister, right.⌋




Remilia reflectively looks back at the mansion.

The mansion is quiet.

The guests..

Even though this man and the prime minister visited, it was horribly silent.


⌈……Where’s Otou-sama⁴?⌋


She was confirming with a shivering voice, but the man didn’t say anything.

He just grabbed Remilia’s arm, with terrifying power.


⌈Release me, how rude!!⌋


⌈So you are here. Remilia.⌋


⌈Why—— I don’t like this. I will return to the mansion.⌋


When she protested, the man with his distressed look responded


⌈You were admiring the flowers with me in this garden. So you didn’t notice your father’s situation is.⌋


Until everything is over.

Remilia perfectly undrstood the hidden meaning the words he whispered.

Inside the mansion, something was done.


She wipes out her expression, and yelled to release her.

The Arcduke didn’t let go of Remilia, and hugged her while muttering “Sorry”.


Her father, her only blood relative, Duke Khalish⁶ was poisoned that night. Remilia became the last one from the former royal family….


TL Note:

  1. ヴァザ (Vu-a-Za / Va-Za)
  2. レミリア (Re-Mi-Ri-A)
  3. A type of gemstone with purple and gold color. Ametrine
  4. One of the way to call a father.
  5. 無礼な物言いにも態度にも、たいして気を害された風もなく庭に見惚れている男に、娘……レミリアは唇を噛んだ。(this one is awfully hard to understand.. let alone to translate.. XD) Thank you, for the n-th time, Jingle-san~ i really feel indebted somehow.. but for now, i guess I can only pay her back with visiting her site using my main account now! \(・o・)/!
  6. カシュ (Ka-Ri-Shu)

TL Corner: Welp, a chapter of this novel is pretty long… and it used a rather hard-to-understand sentences… T^T

Accuracy of this translation is… far lower than the other ones i translate.. T^T

7 thoughts on “The Villainous Daughter does not Dance with the Dragon

  1. 5. Seeing the man, who doesn’t act offended by the rude way of speaking or attitude, watching the garden in fascination the girl…

    did you come to tell your wisdom
    did you come to impart His Majesty’s command

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  2. Seems pretty interesting, I feel really bad for the mc though. I would have fought back more, well maybe. Thats also how her relationship is with her father.
    Also I hope there are images for this story, I found some of the covers for the novels themselves, but i need a character sheet lol.

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