My Sister Told Me to Give Up My Fiancé

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I feel the need to remind you guys about this, but please be aware that this is MTL. Accuracy is not guaranteed. Corrections are very welcomed ^^

03. Strange Man

⌈U…. Pue! Eh, What?!⌋


What a surprise!

Even though she thought that if she woke up what was there was a country of the dead, a slimy liquid covered her face.

It was painful, so she spontaneously wiped it with her hand. Then, her face aside, her hands and feet is aslo full of liquid.

What happened to me who was supposed to jump into the magma?


⌈Are you awake, human?⌋


It seems like apparently there’s someone who saw the me who’s in a mess like that.

When I somehow able to wipe my face with my dainty dress, I open my eyes, and right there was not a person, but a huge face————of a dragon.




Involuntarily, a voice that I have never let out before was heard. It was a voice like a chicken that was strangulated before being cooked.


⌈Shut up.⌋


Just as he pointed out, I covered my mouth.

Apparently the owner of this voice, is a dragon in front of me.

In my confused mind, one answer was able to be drawn.

That is, about that this dragon is the one that lives in the volcano. The “partner” who promises the country’s peace by offering a human sacrifice called the “bride”. I didn’t think he was really there, but because I met him, I have to make sure the other party’s didn’t lose his temper.

With a sticky body, I was lying on the spot.

Even though it’s not in the presence of the king, this is something that a sinner should asks for forgiveness of.

Since I came here to die, I’m not afraid of death, but if I make the dragon lost his temper, I will not be able to fulfill my last duty.

And even for my honor, that was just not acceptable.


⌈What are you doing? Crawling like a toad.⌋


However, for the dragon, even my desperate crawling didn’t seem any different than a toad.

Certainly, we are so different in size. But since our line of sight is more or less different, the dragon may not know the differences.

As I trembled, I raised my face and stared straight at the dragon in front of me.

A deep red like a Cinnabar¹ colored hard scale, and beautiful eyes like an emerald.

It was the first time I saw a dragon, but I thought, that creature was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.




Unintentionally, such thoughts slipped from my mouth.

As if he’s supicious, he blinks his eyes. Even though I wasn’t allowed to speak yet, what did I just do.. I returned to myself and my spine was frozen.

While knowing that it is useless, I crawl to the top of a rock.

A toad or anything is fine. As long as I didn’t bought this beautiful dragon’s anger.




As if bothered by something, the dragon grew small.

Thinking about how he would hurt me, I waited for the judgement time while trembling.

The time seemed felt very long, and yet very short.

However, when I stood at the crater, it was so hot that my body felt like it was burning, it’s weird that now I could not stop shaking.


⌈Ok, I decided.⌋


A voice came, closer than before.

It was a low male’s voice.

With a scary face, at the place where dragon disappeared now there’s a stunning man standing there.

A long, shiny red hair, and a calm green, beautiful eyes. But the iris is strangely split vertically.

I looked around, left and right, looking for the dragon’s figure.

However, there are only a few deserted lands and a simmering magma, why me and this man can still be alive here become a weird scenery spreading.

I couldn’t find the dragon even if I looked everywhere, and I felt a little disappointment along with relief.


If I was eaten by that dragon it would be easier, somewhere in my heart, I was hoping that.


⌈Hey, you.⌋


In front of my eyes a man with his arms folded, called out with a face as if something was funny.

I get up fast and correct my habits.

It can not be forgiven that I, the eldest daughter of the prestigious Lumiere Duke house, expose such an immoral appearance to a male partner in our first meeting.

I spurred on my ragged body covered with mucus.

The dress is broken and my body complained with pain, I’m in that kind of poor state, but not to forget your pride at all times was what my father said to me sourly. As long as I live, I will have to obey that teaching.


⌈I am Eriana³, daughter of Duke Lumiere. Excuse me, but who are you?⌋


Originally the women should not name themself first, but I try to give my name first since the other party doesn’t seems like he will give his name.

I wanted to see what kind of attitude the other party would do when hearing the name of a duke’s family.

However the man, when he heard my family’s name, is far from being scared, and he didn’t even unleash his crossed arms.

This shows that he is a foreigner who does not know the name of Duke Lumiere, or a person who is insensitive to human authority.

Well, I’m nervous wondering if he’s the previous dragon’s kin⁴, after carefully scrutinizing me from the top to bottom, the man make a small nodd as if he was convinced by something.


⌈I’m interested in you, girl. From now on you are this Greed-sama’s belonging (things).⌋


That name was the name of the fearful dragon living in a volcano, written in an old epic poem.

TL Note:

  1. Cinnabar – a kind of mineral. se it here > Cinnabar
  2. Um,….., I guess? [粘液だらけでなおかつボロボロの体に、鞭を打つ。] Help.. ~w~,
  3. エリアナ (E-Ri-A-Na) – Can either be Eriana or Eliana.
  4. 眷属 – Can’t find a proper translation for this. The direct MTL translated this as “corpse” in the sentence… XD

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TL Corner:

I was trying to finish it in one go but… my eyes can’t take it.. XD

I’m sorry I’m unable to keep up with my schedule due to my health finally dropped.. I was forced awake due to a robbery incident that happened to one of my dorm mates on her way back to the dorm at 1 AM and help to soothe her…

You guys should be careful ok? especially if you have to come back home late at night….. (;″w″;)

I will try to catch up with all the late update at the 1-week holiday next month.. ^^;

26 thoughts on “My Sister Told Me to Give Up My Fiancé

  1. Thank youu! And I hope everything is alright on your end qwq
    The first thing that stood out to me is this sentence “A long, shiny red hair, and a calm green, beautiful eyes.”
    Maybe something like “With long, shiny red hair and beautiful eyes that were a calm green.”? I dont want to sound pushy on mistakes but i just thought i would offer my opinion. qwq
    But man, I looked this story up using the Japanese titles and I found character sheets! Greed is hella handsome! Uwaah! I cant wait till the manga updates!


    1. No, not at all~ you didn’t sound pushy! In fact this was very helpful! When i MTL this, it was late at night and i can’t came up with a better sentences.. TwT
      I’ll change it later! Thank you~ ^^

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  2. Makasih buat chapternya hehehehehe. Awalnya bingung, ini knp ada tag indonesia nya ya? Ternyata translate dr eng ke indo toh. Aku pikir mungkin yg punya ini website orng indo makanya aku tulis komen pakai b. Indo. Semangat buat lanjutin chap nya ya!! Aku tunggu lanjutannya :)) jangan paksain klo gak kuat.


  3. Thank you!!!
    The title is hecka long but the manga looked really interesting
    and thankfully, I have this chapter for me to read.


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