There is No Reason for Me to Bully You

Part 2/2

3. Story


As evidence, Alexis stand still on the spot despite receiving the Queen’s gaze from a fairly direct view. Not only that, He waves his small hand, and even spreading a smile to Victoria who’s behind the fearful Queen.

…..To be able to keep his calm in front of this angry queen…. Truly a parent and child. Is it ok to say it though…

While Victoria was concerned at these strange things, the temperature around them goes down rapidly.

Apparently, the queen changed her expression.

Victoria who’s behind the Queen doesn’t know it, but excluding Alexis, those who met her more dreadful expression, they all breathed at once.

It would be impossible for the surrounding temperature to drop rapidly. It is impossible, but their body certainly feels so.

……..This, is unlikely to be possible for me huh….

Victoria shook her head slightly with a resignation look.

Then, the Queen who completely made the atmosphere of this place her own, slowly turned her eyes to Telecia again.




Telecia who received the Queen fearful attack gave out a cry as if she had met a monster¹.

However, whether she had predicted such an attitude or she just doesn’t seem to care, the Queen told Telesia


⌈Miss Sasssen, Bernhardt whom you will marry to,  won’t succeed the throne of this country⌋


⌈……A…, Aa…⌋


While in a heavy-waist position², Telecia tries to take a distance from the Queen desperately.

It is not good to leave this place without permission from the Queen, it seems she also knows that.

Anyway… I understand that she’s (The Queen) scary, but what is that astonishingly openly profane? Miss Sassen.

However, Telesia was only suprised for a while.

She put a lot of power into her eyes, and when she let out her unbearable temper, she started fighting back the Queen.


⌈Why, why ?! Because I am not fit to be the Queen ?!⌋




The queen didn’t answer her. She just look down on Telecia with a cold look.

To such Queen, Telecia spoke right there right then.


⌈I know that I am not fit for the queen right now! But I will study from now on! And I will acquire the knowledge and education that you, the Queen can recognize! Your Majesty Queen!⌋


…………Fierce. I wonder if I want to be such a queen.

Actually, in the first place, the problem is not because Miss Sassen does not fit to be the queen.

It is strange to assume that if you are recognized by Yunoa-sama, you can become the queen of Plast Kingdom.

Do you know that in order to become the queen of the small country, Plast, which is sandwiched between the three large country, a certain condition is required in practice?


As an earl daughter, Miss Sassen, who has grown up (albeit possibly) selfishly, may only be said to be naive, if she does not even know this.

However, for Bernhardt, the first prince of the country who was considered to be the next king to not know this is…..

What on earth, I wonder what he’s been studying so far, this prince.

Certainly, since Prince Bernhard’s educator sometimes talked about an unrealistic delusion, He may not have accurately told the situation surrounding Plast kingdom and other countries.

Even so, if you look at the other countries for even a moment, it is likely to realize immediately, even though Prince Alexis, who’s two years younger than Prince Bernhardt, has understood it ever since he was quite small….

Well, it can’t be helped if he didn’t realize it.

Victoria has an obvious disappointing look on her beautiful face.


TL Note:

  1. Real word: Yōkai
  2. Heavy-waist position – idk how this actually called in english.

TL Corner:

Sorry for the very late update. Some unforseen things happened IRL and now i’m in the middle of exam time.

But, hey, a Good News will be coming soon! ^^


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