My Sister Told Me to Give Up My Fiancé

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04 To See the Sky for the First Time

「Th……Then this gentleman is the dragon who lives in this volcano……?」

A voice that sounded like it was trembling came out.
Confusion, suspicion, fear.
I wondered how in the world I could avoid harming the other party’s mood, while at the same time I also doubted if this man really was the dragon from just now.

「Doubtful girl. Didn’t you see the true form of this great being earlier? 」

However, the man didn’t help me with my worries.
Such things, even with or without them, the situation wouldn’t change.
At that moment, magma splashed up nearby.
The fluid clad in flames came in contact with the air, and fell onto my dress.


I thought the life I picked back up with great difficulty would burn out and die there, but miraculously my dress didn’t burst into flames.
On the contrary, although I was splashed, it wasn’t hot.

「What are you being surprised for? It’s natural for flames to fly out in a volcanic crater.」

The man tilted his head like it was really strange.
Certainly, if he was a dragon, being covered in magma would be no different than swimming in cold water.
But I’m different. I’m only a human being who would normally burn, and normally die.
Thinking it’s a ridiculous story to be scared now even though I came here to die, I answered him nervously.

「W-well that’s true, but I am a frail human being.」

「Oh, that’s right. Humans die so easily. But don’t worry. You won’t be injured so easily now and, even if you die once, you’ll revive since you’re covered in my saliva.」

The man’s remark contained a number of unbelievable keywords.
Die and revive? Could such a miracle really happen? No, more than that…


I looked down at my wet, drenched body.
I gradually came to a judgement as to the true nature of the saliva that covered my whole body.
Dazed, I was at a loss for words.
Should I be thankful for the saliva, or should I be repulsed since it’s filthy?


「What is it?」

「Um, really, let me know if I’m being selfish but……could I trouble you for a hot bath?」

I lost to my desire to be clean and, ready to get angry, I made a request.
After looking down on my figure again, the man’s gaze wandered around the air pensively.

「Hmmm. Certainly since you’re mine1 ,  I do have a duty to try to accommodate you, huh. Although it’s somewhat troublesome ……」

It seems like it’s been decided that I’ve become the possession of his for the time being.
I’m a dragon’s bride – that’s not wrong, but I understood that frankly being told that it’d be troublesome further whittled off what little self-respect I had.

「I! I believe a tidy appearance is appropriate to serve Greed-sama.」

「Hmph. That’s a good idea. I’ll grant this request of my servant.」

Saying that quickly, the man transformed into a dragon right before my eyes.
It was the beautiful creature that was like a living gem I had admired before.
But, the dragon seemed a bit smaller than before. Apparently, it seems he can change his body size as he pleases.

『Get on my back. I’ll take you to someplace good.』

「Ye- yes……」

Despite being dazed, I staggeringly approached him.
Touching the hard scales, the saliva covering my hands sizzled and started evaporating.
I instinctively jumped back, and to say the least the dragon seemed to mutter something.

『My scales secrete a poison that will corrode any living thing that touches them. Well, since you’ve been covered in my saliva, you’ll be fine.』

I was casually told something dangerous.
Somehow or another, this dragon has various characteristics that wasn’t told in my country. While thinking that, I managed to get on his back.
The skin that came in contact with his scales sizzled and felt unpleasant, but there wasn’t any particular sense of pain so I guess I have no choice but to put up with it.

『Well then, we’re going now. Hold on tight.』

The dragon unfurled his large wings and began flapping.
Inside the inverted cone-shaped crater, a strong gale started to kick up.
I clung to that red body with all my might.
Scales that would corrode you if you touch them is frightening, but compared to that, being blown off and sinking into an ocean of magma right now is terrifying.
The dragon rode the wind that had become like a whirlpool, then flew out from the empty hole and into the sky with tremendous speed. A moment later, a view like you could see the entire world stretched out beneath my eyes.
Though, with the intense wind pressure I was really just trying my best to hang on. My eyes also couldn’t open.

『How is it? It’s amazing right?』

The dragon’s voice was proud, but with me being unable to withstand the wind pressure, I couldn’t give a decent response back.

『Heh heh. So impressed you’re speechless? Good, good.』

Geez, I’m fine with anything so I hope that this will be over with quickly.

TL Note:
俺の物 : translates to “my thing” – still not treating her as a person ;m;

TL Corner:
;v; Hiya! Also a heavy MTL user cause classroom setting JPN will apparently help very little in complex sentences, but lemme know if anything sounds weird! Even though I’m a native English speaker, coming up with 3 – 5 different ways to translate しかし is hard.


And Here is the good news!! We have a new family member, give your warmest welcome to Latte-san who’s in charge of this novel translation starting from this chapter onwards~ I still help with a bit of editting and proofread it ^^ What do you think about it? It’s better right? Post your opinion below, i’m sure it will encourage Latte-san more! ^^

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