My Sister Told Me to Give Up My Fiancé

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05 At The Lake

『We’ve arrived you know.』

I opened my eyes to the voice of the dragon and there we were – in the middle of a forest.
Surrounded by a groove of trees, it was a green lake.
To the me who had not once left the imperial city since birth, everything I saw was unusual.

『Come on, get off.』

Prompted, I get off the fearsome dragon’s back.
I looked at the weed filled ground and, true to what he had said, the places his scales touched were full of ugly decaying grass.
He then turned into a human and only the oval area where the grass had decayed remained.
I gazed at the mucus that was stuck to my own body.
If I wash all of this off, I wonder if I will also rot away like the grass.

「Umm, Greed-sama」

「What is it?」

「That is, if I clean myself of the saliva, will I no longer be able to touch you Greed-sama?」

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Greed, that had become a human, had a stunned look on his face.
Since he had always been smiling the entire time, I was completely fascinated by this expression he showed for the first time.

「If I think of what you’re saying……」

He said, then Greed covered his mouth as if to hold down his emotions.

「Please excuse my insolence. I very sincerely apologize! 」

I desperately and frantically apologized for the ruined mood.
I thought there would be difficulties serving someone I couldn’t touch, but apparently it seems as though it was an unexpected question for Greed.

「Um! As a servant who attends to Greed-sama, it was completely and utterly foolish of me to think that there would be inconveniences if I could not touch your lordship!  By no means did I intend to do such blasphemous things like touch your lordship’s sacred scales……」

I desperately made an excuse and prepared to receive his anger.
Speaking of intentions, I really did think about wanting to touch his beautiful gem-like scales, but if I said such a thing I, without a doubt, would have to buy my way out of Greed’s anger.

Getting impatient by myself, I repeated my words.
Good grief, It’s not elegant at all and it’s not an appropriate appearance for a honest duke’s daughter you know?
But it’s too late for that now, since I’m serving a dragon I think it might be best to imitate the female retainers that had once served me.
As expected, I shouldn’t say unnecessary things until I’m given a command.
I kneel in that spot and wait for Greed’s judgement.
In the case that I did ruin his mood, I can’t object even if I were to be killed at this place. From the start, my right to survive has always been at the mercy of his whims, and so I no longer have the right to decide anything.

「D-don’t kneel so frequently!」

I stood up in confusion at Greed’s agitated voice.
Though I had never served a person before, I realized it was quite difficult to serve a dragon.

「That wasn’t particularly displeasing. That is……you’re the first person that said something like that to me, so I was just surprised. 」

Somehow, Greed’s white cheeks faintly dyed a shade of crimson.
I thought maybe he was hot, but I didn’t think the dragon who nonchalantly lived next to magma while basking in the light would be affected by the heat.

「Enough already, it’s fine so just hurry up and go bathe or whatever! Even if you wash off my saliva, all of the resistance effects have already been bestowed on you.」


For some reason the dragon was in a anxious state.
Or perhaps, it’s not heat, but maybe he might be the type who’s not good with sunlight?
If that’s the case, I apologize to him from the depths of my heart for doing me the service of bringing me to this place for my own sake.
I started to take off my tattered dress and Greed coughed loudly as if to clear is throat.

「Y-y-you! Taking your clothes off in front of me is shameless!」

He yelled and, I was shocked that my actions were regarded as offensive to him.
In the first place, from my own experience from when we were alone together in his dragon form, wasn’t he not wearing any clothes himself? I thought to myself in the corner of my mind.
Though what I thought never came out of my mouth.


I wondered what to do with a puzzled look and Greed in his human body, with only the large wings on his back, floated into the air.

「I’m going to look around this area for a while, so you can finish bathing before I get back.」1


Having been given a command, I was finally relieved.
I thought I could somehow do it myself if it was only just bathing alone.
In any case, what was wrong with showing the dragon my naked body?
Even though I’m his servant, I was prepared serve him in that way.
From here on out, I have to pay attention to Greed’s state and distinguish the things he likes and dislikes. Carrying out an order after being told is second-rate. An excellent lady in waiting should sense their master’s intentions and prepare for them in advance before they even say anything.

For the master I gained through a course of events, I decided to do my best.

Greed-sama is using a rude command form of Japanese that’s rarely used in modern society. Think military sergeant or a very very angry mother.
Most of the time Greed-sama will be using grammar that is looking down on someone, while Eriana uses super polite speech like a proper lady, or sometimes like a servant.

Thank you Mei, for editing and translating the stuff idk wtf how to ;o; ♥
Reader-sans, I have a question for you c: Would you prefer:
1. Mostly “consistent” releases once a week or
2. Upload a chapter immediately when I finish translating ? (at the risk of going longer without an update)

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  1. Thanks! I would say that you should release whenever you feel like it.
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    Btw, “Greed that became a human had a stunned look on his face.” -would this be better as: “Greed, who had become a human, had a stunned look on his face.” …?

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      2. You’re doing great xD It’s also my fault for putting meaning over grammatically correct sentences anyways


  2. I’m not sure. Whichever you think is best! And lol there’s already a difference in the manga and novel huh. In the digital comic, she was clueless on how to take off her own clothes since she was a pampered lady while Greed merely mocked her for not knowing how to shred. Here he’s flustered at her actions. Hahaha 🤣

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