My Sister Told Me to Give Up My Fiancé

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07 Maid’s Maid?

As I finished getting used to bathing alone and returned to the shore, Greed was accompanied with a beautiful woman holding my change of clothes.

「Starting today, this person will be taking care of you.」

In his manner of speaking was a firm decision to prohibit any objections.

It was evident that the woman with yellow-green skin and hair was not human.

Her straight hair seemed to be evenly cut right above her shoulders, and the shape of her mouth was stretched into a gentle smile full of affection.

「Eh, but that is, I’m a servant……right?」

Because I thought it was strange for a servant to have a servant, I involuntarily asked again.
[ You should be reading this on Meira Eve Translation! ]
There are young noble daughters apprenticing in the castle, but they didn’t have anyone serving them though since they themselves were working as servants for the royal family.

Completely surprised at what that meant, the green woman came forward and wore a sweet, dazzling smile on her face.

「It’s nice to meet you Eriana-sama. I’m a Dryad sapling. From today onward, I will be taking on the role of serving you. Please treat me favorably. 」


It was the name of a spirit that lived in the trees of forests.

Even if it was knowledge that I knew, it was actually the first time I had seen one with my own eyes as well as exchange words with them.

There weren’t any dryads in the capital I lived in. On the contrary, any kind of spirit had never been seen before.

They hated humans and lived in remote places full of nature.

Once again thinking I had come to a remarkably distant place, I stared at the beautiful spirit in front of me in amazement.

「Hurry up and get dressed. Getting sick is intolerable.」

Just like that, Greed turned away and left in a huff.

So unapproachable―――No, I can’t be so surprised each time something happens. Now that I’m serving someone who’s not human, I have to adapt to all the astonishing things.

The Dryad lent me a hand and with her slender body, pulled me up from the lake with incredible power.

She proceeded to wipe my body with large soft leaves, then put me in a smooth green dress.

It was comfortable to wear, but it was a mysterious dress that had no seams. There weren’t any decorations like embroidery or gems and, since it didn’t put pressure at the waist, I was happy that I was able to easily move around without worry.

If I look closely, the dryad in front of me is also wearing similar clothing.

「Is it weird?」

The attentive Dryad asked of me.

I thought the girl’s translucent green eyes with no white were like a spring forest basked in sunlight.

「No, I was thinking about memorizing how you dressed me.」

「How I did it? Why? 」

The Dryad seemed surprised at my answer.

I replied with a little bit of compassion toward the girl tilting her head.

「I am, that is, I’m used to being served in this way, so being on the opposite end is refreshing. But because I will be serving Greed-sama from now on, won’t I need to be able to help change clothes in the same manner as well? Though I think it will be a hindrance to you, I’ll try my best. 」

The Dryad’s eye’s rounded like she was taken aback for a moment. 1

But she promptly gave a broad smile – a completely different expression compared to the one before.

「With pleasure.」

As someone who was never able to call someone a friend before, I was very happy to see her natural smile.

If I think about it, the servants around me, as well as the ladies who had the same position as me too – I think I always drew a line and kept my distance between them.

The other daughters of nobles were rivals who constantly aimed for the position as the crown prince’s fiance, and my father loathed me being tainted by vulgar customs like getting intimate with servants.

In the time since I’ve been born, sometimes I found myself extremely lonely.

For example, like on nights with thunder or snowy days where the sounds seem to disappear from the world.

The desolate feelings that I can’t say, I’ve held it in my heart and lived with them until today.

Ahhh―――I can say it now. I…

Even if it was a political marriage – even if for that purpose I was to become a fake fiance.

I wanted to be loved by the prince.

And, though I told my younger sister that a fiancè is not a partner who loves you, the truth was that I wanted to be loved.

If possible, like this I wanted to laugh without any pretense. As his only equal partner.3

「Is something wrong? Eriana-sama.」

Having said that, the Dryad wiped away the tears that had accumulated in the corner of my eyes.

「No, It’s nothing.」

I did the best I could, but I was now finally ready to say something.2

TL Notes:
Face like: (‘◉⌓◉’)
I think I forgot to mention that though it’s stated the Dryad is gender-less, the text refers to it as a her. so. there ya go.
今はそう答えるのがやっとだった。| Either literally “ready to answer” or metaphorically ready to let out what was weighing her down.
Thanks to Jingle for your translation input ♥

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