There is No Reason for Me to Bully You

4. Story


It seems like the Queen was disappointed as well, She let out a deep sigh.


⌈… Sasssen, do you know what you did?⌋


When asked by the Queen, Telecia incline her head in doubt.


⌈What do you mean by “what”?⌋


…..She answered the Queen’s question with a question, huh… This is quite profane.

As proof, the usually mild Queen, her cheek just now twitched.

….This is Bad.

At this rate, the blizzard in the Queen’s heart will…..!¹

Victoria, who felt a sense of crisis in Telecia’s response, opens her mouth.


⌈Excuse me Your Highness. May I give an explanation to Miss Sassen?⌋




The queen looked at Victoria with narrow eyes and nodded.


⌈Yes, I don’t mind⌋


⌈Thank you⌋


Victoria gives her gratitude to the Queen, and looks at Telecia.

Telecia snorted with unsatisfied smile because the other party changed to Victoria.

……..Ara, Miss Sassen, your disguise is fading you know.

Where’s the lovely face you shown up to now to those high ranking nobles and Bernhardt-sama have gone to?

Well, it’s all good because I’m not the one who’s in trouble.

Victoria cut off all the thoughts in her heart, and open her mouth concernedly.


⌈Do you know that our country, Plast, is surrounded by three large countries?⌋


⌈Hah? Are you making fun of me? There’s no way I didn’t know that much.⌋


Answer Telecia with irritation.


⌈That’s good. Then, are you familiar with the fact that the largest one of those three large countries, that is Nanbal² country, has an alliance with our country?⌋


⌈…….O-Of course I know!⌋


Responds Telecia while stuttering.

……..It looks like she didn’t know.

She (Victoria) noticed it, but feel like it would be a bother to point it out, so she continues it as it is.


⌈Is that so. You also know that before the alliance with Nanbal, Plast country, though had never been taken away, it was used and exploited by the great powers, right?⌋


⌈I-it’s only natural!⌋


Says Telecia in a strong tone, her forehead sweating.

……Ah, she didn’t know huh.

Just as she thought after all, no thanks to that bothersome things, Victoria avoided unnecessary rush.


⌈That was rude of me. The alliance between the two countries was formed 75 years ago… It starts when the princess of the kingdom of Nambal at that time began seeing an Earl’s son from Plast Kingdom.⌋




⌈The King of Nambal while showing remorse, still allowed the two people to marry. In order to marry off her daughter, the King made an alliance with Plast, and If Plast country are attacked by other countries, they promise to take the initiative to raise their army (help them). And Plast Kingdom, which was to receive Nanbal Kingdom’s princess, gave the man who became the princess’s husband the status of Duke Reycardt.⌋




Telecia opens her eyes in surprise.

Yes, the one in front of her now is, that’s right.


⌈That’s right. My great grandmother is a woman who was the princess of Nanbal Kingdom.⌋




⌈Do you understand? The engagement between I and the Crown Prince was decided to strengthen the alliance between Plast and Nanbal Kingdom. That’s why, it must be me to marry the next king of Plast.⌋




Telecia was stunned.

Though she was naive, it seems like she knew that Nambal Kingdom was a great power.

That is exactly what the Nambal Kingdom would really be, to such country as Plast.

Telecia, without knowing it, was the one who sold the blood of the Nanbal kingdom ———— which was selling the royal family of the Nanbal kingdom.


⌈…..Ah…, That’s…… I…….⌋


Telecia, who finally understood the seriousness of the matter, shuddered out.




The one who called Telecia’s name, was Bernhardt.

Bernhardt with a confident expression, holds Telecia’s shoulder and supports her body.


⌈Rest assured. Luckily, I am loved by King Claude³, the current king of the Nanbal kingdom. If I want to reign Plast as the king, Telecia, let’s complain that i need your power to do so.⌋


⌈Oh my…! As expected of Bernhardt-sama…..!!⌋


Says the now looks happy Telecia, who’s changed her appearance from a while a ago.




Victoria is concerned about the Queen’s reactions, and took a glimpse from her eyes.

Aaah…! This time, her temple is twitching…!

Oh no, a serious blizzard will come…!

Victoria, so as not to rages the Queen any more than this…., no, to hold down Bernhardt’s impudent act, she opens her mouth.


⌈Excuse me, Your Highness Bernhardt, I have met several times directly with the King Claudw, and we exchange letters, but there’s nothing that indicates He likes you, Your Highness.⌋


⌈What..!? That can’t be! When I first met King Claude, He liked my cheerful greetings!! He said that I have a suitable vessel to stand on top of the people!!⌋




At Bernhardt’s words, Victoria squinted⁴ her eyes a little.


That was, I think when I was 8 years old.

Grandfather…. King Claude came to this country only once, and He met with The King and Queen of Plast, His Highness Bernhardt and His Highness Alexis, and my father and mother at the royal palace.

At that time, He certainly said that. He is the owner of a suitable vessel to stand on top of people.

……But that was… I remember that He had not complimented His Highness Bernhardt, but his brother, His Highness Alexis.

While following her childhood memories, Victoria glances at the Queen and Prince Alexis.

And, the queen’s eyes twitches so much from anger, and Alexis smiled bitterly.

They were the two people who met with King Claude along with Bernhardt, probably also remembered that time.

And Victoria knows.

King Claude, after the two Princes left, said this to the Plast Kingdom’s couple (King and Queen), Victoria and her parents.


⌈… I believe, the throne inheritance order of Plast Kingdom fall to the first sons. …………That’s regrettable.⌋




Everyone who was there held their breath at King Claude’s words.

He openly said that. That Alexis is better suited to be the king than the first son Bernhardt.

It seems that Bernhardt still misunderstands that he was the one who get praised.

…….In a sense, He was such a happy person.

How about Victoria! While giving a bitter smile at Bernhardt who said so, she still, put her hand in the pocket on the fold of the dress, in order to manage this place somehow.


TL Note:

  1. Real Sentences is “The Queen’s heart will —— to blizzard!” with the (—–) at the end of the sentence. i change it to fit english more.
  2. ナンバル (Na-N-Ba-Ru) – Nanbal..? Nanbar? Nambal? Nanval? so confusing, lol.
  3. クラウド (Ku-Ra-U-Do) – Claude. (Thanks to Star Ocean 2, I decided on this one quick. XD)
  4. Okay, maybe right, maybe not XD. real word > 半目 (half eyes) > can also be Jito Me (This)

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TL Corner:

as usual, all correction and advices are welcome~

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9 thoughts on “There is No Reason for Me to Bully You

  1. Ohhhhh, thank you for the chapter!!! What a dumb prince…but it’s nice to read victoria, the queen and alexis reactions!!


  2. Saying you are liked someone is fine and all, but you have to realize that feelings can change over time, and are very likely to change if you do something like publically humiliate one of that persons relatives, and if she is close enough to arrange a political marriage then the insult is an insult to him and his nation as well…. the nation whose protection they need.

    Seriously what level if idiocy doe it take to be so confident about how someone feels about you after not seeing them for nearly a decade.

    I mean he knows things are not going as he expected, his mother is clearly angry with him to anyone who casually knows her, and he is acting like nothing bad happened. He has never in his life considered things not going his way has he.


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